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My Hair Story

The Story Behind the Hair

My Hair, I have always loved my hair. I had natural hair until maybe first grade when my mother permed it because I would always cry when she maintained it. About five years later I moved in with an aunt who didn’t pay much attention and I ended up cutting my hair. I must have been around 10 or 11 when I first cut my own hair. I kept is natural until I moved back in with my mother, who later permed it again. My mother later realized that perming was bad terrible and she cut off her hair. She spent about two years convincing me that I should cut my hair. I finally cut my hair and then I dyed it blonde. I learned a few things from dying my hair, my hair is very strong but  I bleached it five times and colored it another five times. Then I went to my hair dresser and she dyed it some more. I dyed my hair to many times to get to blonde that it become destroyed,it did not get destroyed right away and it would have survived if I took better care of it. But I let my hair dry out and start breaking, in time I ended up breaking off most of my hair. So I cut it off again and my journey began again.

But this time with a twist.



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